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  • IDX Chain Integrates Dandelion++ Protocol to Enhance User Privacy

IDX Chain Integrates Dandelion++ Protocol to Enhance User Privacy

4 years ago

Privacy is a major concern in the cryptocurrency industry, and Index Chain is a project that is working to improve privacy levels for users. Also, apart from the existing TOR integration into the blockchain, IDX Chain developers implemented the protocol known as Dandelion++ that further improves user privacy.

Development of Dandelion++

Dandelion was the name of the protocol’s original version and was developed to function like an anonymity layer. Proposed in 2017, Dandelion aimed to enhance P2P privacy for Bitcoin. But, due to certain flaws in this original version, steps were taken to develop Dandelion++.

Integration of Dandelion++ protocol within IDX Chain is a clear indication that they are serious about user privacy.

How does Dandelion protocol work?

This implementation functions like an IP concealer while a transaction is broadcasted in the blockchain. Here, when a transaction is made within the IDX network, it is randomly broadcasted onto a node that the user is connected to, and the process goes on.

The broadcast of a transaction into the IDX network happens in 2 phases, known as STEM and FLUFF.

  1. STEM Phase: In this phase, a solitary Dandelion++ node is chosen to get transaction-related information. This process is repeated a couple of times before the FLUFF phase starts.
  2. FLUFF Phase: Here, all the connected nodes are informed about the transaction to make sure all the nodes are aware of it.

The good thing about this protocol is that the transaction’s origin will become untraceable and associating a particular IP to any specific transaction will not be possible. In conjunction with TOR implementation, it will result in a private, safer, and more secure network.