Connect: ID 2021: All you need to know

3 years ago

In the present mobile, digital, and data-driven environment, the pressing need of the hour is to have systems in place that can prevent global identity fraud and cyber threats and strengthen national security. This goal can be achieved with new, secure, and seamless ID solutions where citizens are provided with strong Identity proofs so that basic activities like voting, traveling, and more can be done without any hurdles.

This is what Connect: ID, an international identity conference and exhibition, brings to the table. It will showcase the advantages of trusted identity solutions, focusing on how policy decisions and various disruptive technologies can drive the change.

Join the Connect: ID Conference, October 5-6, 2021 at Washington DC, as a sponsor, delegate, exhibitor, or visitor, and increase your opportunities to network, learn, or do business.

Speakers at Connect: ID Conference

Speakers at the Connect: ID Conference will be:

Kris Ranganath: VP, Technology Solutions, NEC Corporation of America

Jean Francois Lennon: Head of Strategic Sales and Global Partnerships, Vision Box

Patrick Clancey, VP, Digital Identity Operations, IDEMIA

Simon Baechier, Head of Forensic Science and Crime Intelligence, Neuchatel State Police, Switzerland

Ramsey Billups, Biometrics VP, Thales Group

Matt Boisseau, Developer Advocates, FusionAuth

Thirimachos Bourial. Associate Professor, West Virginia University

Andrew Bud, CEO, Founder, iProov

And many more. Register with the Connect: ID for all the details.

Purpose of Connect: ID

For attendees, expected to be around 2500, Connect: ID will be a multi-faceted experience. Speakers at this ID solutions and Blockchain Conference will provide insights and in-depth analysis about the global identity marketplace and ecosystem.

The main themes to be covered at the conference are Biometric Advances, Trusted Authentication, Mobile ID, Security Document Design, Privacy and Consent, Identity at the Border, Smart Credentials. Start-up Pitches, and many more.

Connect: ID Features

Connect: ID promises world-class infrastructure with an enlarged Exhibition Hall, Special Government Exhibitor’s Zone, 50 Booth Start-up Zones, Interactive Roundtables, Enhanced Networking Programs, and Knowledge Exchange Seminars. Further, more than 2500 attendees, 200 Presenters, and world-renowned keynote speakers make it a must-attend conference. There are also 500 free VIP Guest Passes up for grabs.


How do I Register for the Event?

You can avail of a free individual pass or Exhibition Visitor pass but register in advance to avoid queues on the Conference day. For booking assistance, call Tayyab Abbasi at +44(0)207 092 1210 or visit

Who can attend the conference?

The conference is open to all but will be of special interest to those in the field of national identity and prevention of identity fraud. You may participate as a sponsor, exhibitor, delegate, or visitor.

What are the highlights of the Connect: ID conference?

The Connect: ID conference will feature a Special Government Exhibitor’s Zone, 50 Booth Start-up Zones, Interactive Roundtables, Enhanced Networking Programs, and Knowledge Exchange Seminars.

When & Where is the Connect: ID conference?

Connect:ID Conference, October 5-6, 2021 at Washington E Convention Center, Washington DC

What is exhibited at the Connect:ID Conference?

Participants will have access to Thought Leadership Presentations, Roundtable Hosting, Networking and Socializing, Brand Promotion, Lead Generation, and more.

Final Thoughts

Connect:ID is a platform for next-generation identity solutions. The event is sponsored by Science Media Partners and International Biometrics+Identity Association.