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  • Coinitix.com: Brimming Bitcoins with Effortless Purchase

Coinitix.com: Brimming Bitcoins with Effortless Purchase

3 years ago

Struggling to catch a breath in the mad rush and sweating over the lost great gain on the Crypto exchange? Gone are the days you struggled to run to a nearby ATM to seal a Bitcoin transaction or depended on your most trustworthy pal for buying a Bitcoin favor exactly when Bitcoins were rocketing on crypto-exchange!

Say goodbye to your worries of Crypto-transactions forever! The technology behind credit cards has not only facilitated our lives in terms of purchases at Supermarkets or running errands at a nearby Salon but also to make cryptocurrency transactions happening at your fingertip. This journey has been facilitated by none other than the Coinitix.com platform that ensures Bitcoin users always trade smart and safe. 

With the pandemic sending recessionary signals and people losing their livelihood, Bitcoin seems to be the only savior people can hang on to. However, the market is fraught with apprehensions regarding hidden charges and fraud threats. The only option that seems dependable for a secure and transparent transaction is via a credit card wherein you are assured of bagging your Bitcoin – just in time!


All crypto traders commence with a minimum one time deposit. It is crucial to recognize a specific payment method irrespective of any cryptocurrency you wish to deal with, e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. There are methods galore by which cryptocurrencies can be purchased or transacted through. Some of them are enumerated below:

E-Transfer /Bank Transfer: While many users find it convenient to transact through alternative methods, many find the electronic transfer of money through their bank as the most convenient method. As the process is faster here, and the payment mechanism is quite user-friendly with no third party involved, many have also adopted this method.

Digital Tokens: This is an original cryptocurrency exchange payment method applicable to a strict cryptocurrency platform. Irrespective of the method you receive digital tokens like Ripple or XRP, you will require your crypto wallet.

Credit/Debit Card: The pivotal roleplayer for purchase or transaction of Cryptocurrencies is credit or debit cards. A major advantage here is that you can send money directly from your bank account.


Bitcoin payment services, too, have a commonality. They act as an intermediary layer between the payer and payee for processing of the bitcoin payments that includes recording the transaction on the blockchain ledger. This is of utmost significance when it comes to not only faster but secure transactions.

With technology advancing in leaps & bounds and issue of chargeback & frauds contained significantly, payment via credit cards for buying Bitcoins has become as easy as “Click-Pay-Catch.”

  • Pay in fiat currencies
  • A quick and easy option for first-time users
  • No hassles of wire transfers of Paypal
  • User-friendly easy interface
  • No confusion in the comprehension of the method compared to other advanced platforms
  • Swifter processing compared to other bank transfer that takes close to a week to process
  • Security in the hands of the user as the transaction is transparent with intermediaries


Keeping in perspective certain apprehensions of Bitcoin users, another platform that emerged to redress Bitcoin Purchaser grievances is “Coinitix.” Coinitix offers advantages multifold while executing a Cryptocurrency transaction, especially since it allows a wider and deep-seeded usage of blockchain technology.

The simplified registration process at Coinitix is intended to allow users a similar system like opening an account, verifying KYC, and start a trading interface. Three steps are vital to seal a deal for your favorite Bitcoin purchase. The on-boarding process here is equally convenient and a great time-saver.

Coinitix has been instrumental in minimizing the distance between conventional and modern methods of payment. Buyers can now confidently and securely make use of their credit cards while executing a crypto transaction. With an ever-active Customer Servicer at your Beck and Call backed by a fully regulated and licensed system, Coinitix offers a plethora of conveniences to Bitcoin Users.