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  • PembRock Finance is Ready to Launch Protocol Revenue Sharing & DAO

PembRock Finance is Ready to Launch Protocol Revenue Sharing & DAO

2 years ago

PembRock is the very first ambitious project developed for leveraged yield farming. It has been created on NEAR Protocol. Presently it is all geared up and ready to launch staking so that it can gain a fair measure from protocol income and simultaneously partake in DAO. In this way, PembRock users will benefit greatly in generating fresh and innovative ways to increase their earnings. This will further help them to be able to guide and chalk out their future path for the project. 

It becomes imperative to understand the significance of DAOs. Keeping in view a more expanding Web3 landscape, decentralized finance gets a huge thrust in all aspects by the functioning of the DOA. 

With the indulgence of smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure, users will be comfortable bypassing the set chain of command in Web2 applications and instead have the freedom of exercising their own vote. All of these advantages at the users’ disposal will indeed be empowering and give them the opportunity to get further involved and better associated with the projects they take part in and also be instrumental in expanding them further. 

Further, in the case of a user, his stake and the lock-in period for the same will determine and influence their Voting Power (VP). 

Finally, in the words of the CEO of PembRock Finance, Igor Stadnyk, and being part of their plans, Depending on the VP quotient of the user, varying amounts will be distributed from the protocol profit. The more they have at stake, the more their earnings will be.