Recent internet source reports, in the year 2018, there have been 13 million cryptojacking incidents. Tech Giant, Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab has released a data which shows that the cryptojacking cases have gone rising to 400 percent alone this year. Over the past 12 months, the cryptocurrency crime rate has been the most publicizing issue in the financial market of the world, as the popularity of digital currencies has reached an all-time high over.

2018 has been a Malicious Cryptojacking Problems
Even though many cryptocurrency fanatics will always state that the major issue that the industry has faced. In this year, it laid with the wild fluctuations in the prices of the cryptocurrency. Cybersecurity of Russia, a leader in anti-virus software firm Kaspersky Lab, is based on the capital city, Moscow. It has been the source of lots of meaty information in this year, with regards to cyber cryptocurrency crimes and most notably, the upsurge in cryptojacking. The antivirus firm revealed that there are up to 13 million cyber cryptojacking cases in this year 2018, which is approximate of up 400 percent, compared to the last year’s total, which is 3.5 million.

The term Cryptojacking is used to describe malicious activities regarding the mining of cryptocurrency. Hijackers (formerly called cryptojackers) who hijack the computers of the cryptocurrency users and divert the funds to their wallets. One of the most dangerous alarming statistics is that attacks in the countries of Africa and middle east Asia have risen fourfold during this time last year,2017.

Using Malware to Jack Crypto
The jacking avenue of choice of criminals was mostly the Carjacking. But the world has been changing and so as the thieves were. Many new malware scripts are being used by most of the Cryptojackers to access the personal computers of the crypto users to mine their cryptocurrencies. One of the main digital currencies that are currently being targeted and jacked by crypto-criminals is the Monero (XMR). The malware which these cryptojackers use will runs quietly on a user’s PC, so they don’t even know it’s happening. After a long while, the script which can play huge havoc on the CPU power of a PC will be making the system run slowly, and sometimes might even damage the computer and overloading the processor. Earlier this year, in the month of June, many of the reports stated that Kaspersky Lab was concerned about and told that many of the cybercriminals were trying to move the ransomware to cryptojacking which was also one of the main reasons for the drastic downfall of the ransomware attacks in the world. Kaspersky Lab has once again done a great job informing the industry regarding the problems we now face. The alarming figures that 13 million cryptojacking incidents have taken place in 2018 is a massive cause for concern and needs to be dealt with in rapid succession. The alarming figures that 13 million cryptojacking incidents have taken place in 2018 is a massive cause for concern and needs to be dealt with in rapid succession.

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