CoinPoker Player Possibly Holds Biggest Online Stash

2 years ago

CoinPoker was launched in 2017. It has attracted a decent number of crowds on the platform. It competes with big names like Americas Cardroom, a platform known to have moved around $160 million worth of Bitcoin every month.

Ethereum and Bitcoin are two cryptocurrencies that will have everyone’s attention as the online poker game develops. Meanwhile, light has struck on Tether after people reported seeing Benjamin Travesty, an anonymous player, with a stash of $2.46 million in USDT. Tether is now gaining popularity, with supporters hoping that it will do some good for CoinPoker.

CoinPoker has registered a peak of 168 players throughout 24 hours. It has achieved a lot in five years since its establishment; however, 

The Biggest Ever Stash

Tether is a currency that is used by CoinPoker. It runs exactly on the point as that of the US dollar. In simple words, $1 equals $1 USDT. This brings out the holding of Benjamin Travesty to $2.46 in the form of fiat and Tether.

CoinPoker and its supporters are currently relishing the fact that CoinPoker is getting a lot of promotional buzzes. All the credit goes to Benjamin Travesty for holding $2.46 UDST and appearing in a previous week’s game.

Patrick Leonard was one of the few who spotted the anonymous player and posed a question if that was the highest-ever stash in online poker.

Players are increasingly valuing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies for games with high stakes. 

Many online poker platforms are transparent due to the involvement of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed poker on the internet and allowed players to transact in their preferred cryptocurrency.

Lockdown has restricted visits to casinos and the traveling plans of many players. Therefore, online poker seems to be the best alternative to the traditional option.

Ethereum poker has gained popularity recently. Players have reported finding Ethereum to be more secure as compared to other cryptocurrencies. When you play online poker, you usually make a deposit, which means you send money to the site to be held on your behalf. That’s OK if the site is trustworthy, but online poker sites have a history of being less than trustworthy. Read more about Ethereum poker sites, advantages, and legal status.

Your funds are always protected in an Ethereum Poker system. You can move Ethereum or tokens from your wallet to the website instead of depositing cash. The Ethereum is kept on the sidechain, where a smart contract manages them. When you win, all you have to do is return the Ethereum or tokens to your wallet. You’re in command at all times.

ETH poker has fast transactions and nearly zero transaction fees. Ethereum-based online gaming continues to gain momentum.