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  • The Cardano Foundation and EMURGO Launch New Project to Build Dapps Tool Stack

The Cardano Foundation and EMURGO Launch New Project to Build Dapps Tool Stack

3 years ago

EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation recently entered a partnership to launch a new project. The collaboration will see the ventures share resources and efforts to develop a community-issued and maintained tool stack.

The tool stack will help the ventures support the Cardano network while boosting dApp development. 

Cardano has already stated that the project will comprise two MVPs, namely MVP1 and MVP2. The first MVP will offer a modular tool stack built with Five Binaries. The infrastructure building venture operates under the Apache Software License 2.0 on GitHub and is hosted by Cardano.

The initial stage will also include the Blockfrost Blockchain connector, making it the Chain Wather’s release too. Moreover, it will come with a simple backend that acts as a PoC (proof-of-concept.) Five Binaries will also build three major factions of the project. These components will be the blockchain adapters, Chain Watcher, and the dApp backends. 

The second stage, called the MVP2, will see Cardano reaching out to multiple partners and projects across the network. The venture will invite them to share their contributions toward the project. During the stage, every pull request regarding a new backend or adapter must follow the programming policies laid by the ventures. 

Developing these policies is part of the first MVP stage as Five Binaries will also manage the integration of MVP2. With the latest API, developers can interact with the needed app instances easily. This access is pivotal for developers as it ensures they can seamlessly interact, test, and deploy apps on the network. 

Both networks showed delight regarding the partnership as it holds ample potential to help the market. According to this ADA forecast, ADA is on its way to the top in 2022.