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Explore the dynamic range of Trading Commodities at Trade99

2 years ago

Trade99, with its customer-centric vision, has always strived to offer as many services as possible under the sun to make the platform a trading-home for the users. Trade 99 is a professional, highly experienced multi-asset platform. It offers attractive and wholesome trading portfolio options for the users to suit all kinds of pockets and aspirations. On Trade99, the user is given a whole range of trading instruments they can opt from to reap the maximum benefits. This article will inform you about the variety of trading options you can get in your trading portfolio. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin to explore-

Types of trading instruments on Trade99-

Trading instruments are basically any kind of assets or markets that the trader can either buy or sell to gain profits. Here is the list of trading instruments that are currently present on the platform-

  • Stocks.
  • Bonds.
  • Commodities.
  • Currencies.
  • Indexes.
  • ETFs.
  • Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies.

The freedom of trading with Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies-

Trade99 offers ‘commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies’ feature, which is a fantastic option as it offers a lot of freedom to the trader.

  • The freedom is about being able to trade without any worry as the trader is in no ownership of any kind of asset.
  • Moreover, the user can also enjoy the flexibility and relief from the market price fluctuation, as he or she doesn’t have to buy or sell any actual instrument.
  • The market fluctuation in the price of any asset can only affect the profit after considering the original rate at which the user bought or sold the leveraged cryptocurrencies or asset in the first place.
  • Another benefit of ‘leveraged cryptocurrencies trading’ feature is around the short position. Suppose you make up your mind to sell off at the on-going rate, then this short position can reap benefit for you in the future. Later on, you can buy at a lower rate too.

Types of trading leveraged cryptocurrencies-

At Trade99, you will find five types of trading leveraged cryptocurrencies. They are as follows-

  • Soft Commodities-

Soft Commodities include anything that can be grown. For instance, things such as naturally grown goods, crops, and other plants, livestock, and so on.

  • Precious Metals-

There are many types of precious metals that can be traded, but the main ones are gold, silver, and platinum. Platinum, further, has sub trading categories. At Trade99, the user can enjoy all such trading.

  • Indices-

A single index allows reading of big groups of stocks and its monitoring. Many such indexes make one indice. Trade99 offers such Indices service. This way, the users get to compare stock performance and share fluctuation throughout the market. It also spreads the risk factor, making it a highly favorable position for the trader to trade and reap benefits.

  • Energy Commodities-

Things that are extracted from mother earth fall under this category of ‘energy commodities.’ At Trade99, the user can have a variety in trading the energy commodities. This includes- crude oil, coal, natural gas, electricity, wind power, solar power, gasoline, Brent Sea Oil, ethanol, and so on. The valuable energy makes itself a very attractive and evergreen trading commodity.

  • Cryptocurrency-

Cryptocurrencies, the digital currencies that are based on the blockchain technology are the new age trading option. Trade99, along with covering the traditional trading options, also covers the latest one too. The cryptocurrency offers cross-border trading of assets, with utmost algorithm-backed transparency, and very low trading fee. It suits all kinds of traders and investors, institutional investors, individual traders, novice, as well as the active experienced traders or investors.

At Trade99, the user is backed by a strong team of experienced professionals, which makes sure that the client feels confident and well-informed about every trading decision he or she takes. With such a dynamic variety of trading instruments, one is sure to find something suitable for everyone.