DMTP joins Chainlink BUILD to enhance Web3 messaging protocol

1 year ago

DMTP, the decentralized messaging protocol facilitating communication between wallet addresses, has officially become a part of the Chainlink BUILD program. This strategic move aims to accelerate DMTP’s ecosystem growth and foster the long-term adoption of wallet-based messaging solutions. By joining BUILD, DMTP gains enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle services and technical support, bolstering the security and usability of its Web3-native messaging protocol.

The decision to join Chainlink BUILD comes with several key benefits for DMTP. Firstly, it enables DMTP to strengthen its integration with Chainlink, allowing for priority support from the Chainlink ecosystem. This opens up opportunities for dApps looking to connect with users through DMTP’s cutting-edge Web3 messaging solution. 

DMTP’s integration with Chainlink BUILD maximizes the advantages of Chainlink’s secure off-chain services and robust Oracle infrastructure. As a BUILD program member, DMTP will gain access to Chainlink Functions, which can be integrated into DMTP’s native SDK, empowering developers to build dApp-native messaging services. This partnership establishes a mutually beneficial ecosystem where both communities can support and enhance each other.

What is Chainlink Build?

Chainlink BUILD is an initiative that brings together innovative projects and protocols to leverage Chainlink’s Oracle services and technical support. It offers participants access to cutting-edge functionalities, early product releases, and priority support from the Chainlink ecosystem. 

Why DMTP Joins Chainlink BUILD?

DMTP joins Chainlink BUILD to harness the benefits of Chainlink’s Oracle infrastructure, improve its security and reliability, and accelerate the adoption of decentralized messaging protocols.

What is the future of Chainlink?

The integration of DMTP with Chainlink BUILD is expected to impact Chainlink’s future positively. By expanding the use cases of Chainlink’s oracle services and fostering collaboration with innovative projects like DMTP, Chainlink strengthens its position as a leading provider of oracle solutions within the blockchain ecosystem. 

The partnership enables Chainlink further to demonstrate the versatility and reliability of its services while fueling the growth of its network through increased adoption and usage by DMTP and its community. 

Our LINK prediction suggests Chainlink’s price is expected to experience gradual growth over the coming years. In 2023, the price is projected to be around $6.51 to $15.82. By 2030, the price will reach approximately $47.78 to $72.98. 

However, if you are interested in investing in Chainlink, research all the fundamental and technical aspects, and consult with your financial advisor before making any investment-related decisions.